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Churchill Endowment Life Insurance

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Churchill Endowment Life Insurance

Churchill is one of the most famous names in insurance. They provide a wide range of protection plans that include endowment life insurance.

Life insurance is the most important protection you need today. Not for yourself but your immediate family who needs support even when you are gone. Endowment life insurance gives you an assure sum on maturity or term. The endowment Life insurance policies include modified endowment and low cost endowment schemes. The unit linked endowment offers freedom in choosing the funds and the value to be invested. You may choose among the best endowment policy to gain maximum for yourself and your loved ones.

About Churchill Endowment Life Insurance

Churchill Insurance was started in 1989 In United Kingdom. It was taken Over by the Royal bank Of Scotland in 2003 and it sells insurance on phone and internet. It has it offices at Bromley, Peterborough, and Teesside. It is also popular for its Taking-nodding dog as its mascot.

Types of Endowment Life Insurance

Churchill Insurance provides

Life Cover: This type of policy will give you a lump sum at maturity to bear cost of life or to pay back the loan. This cover may also include critical illness cover, but you have to pay a higher premium for it. Life cover further includes whole life coverage, Term Insurance cover and critical illness.

Over 50s Cover: Over 50 is a risk age which needs to be covered with a lot of care and concern. This insurance policy is for those who are above 50 and still want a life insurance to cover them till death. The premium is little expensive but do check out what disease or conditions it covers in critical illness.

Income Protection Cover: The income Protection Cover is the policy which gives you benefits at the time of serious illness, hospital stay or in accidental injury. This insurance policy provides a lot of relief for the policy holder and his immediate family as they don’t have to worry about funds used in illness. It mainly covers long term illness.

The other leading Insurance products given By Churchill are automobile insurance, Home insurance, Pet Insurance, Health Insurance and travel insurance.

Rival Companies

The Churchill Insurance Company finds it rivals in Swinton Life Insurance, Fortis Life Insurance etc.

Reviews of Churchill Endowment Life Insurance

Churchill endowment Life Insurance reviews are catching up slowly but you can read reviews about other insurance products by Churchill. You can also write your reviews on and log on to link if you want to write your experience with the Churchill Endowment Life Insurance.

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