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Direct Line Endowment Life Insurance

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Direct Line Endowment Life Insurance

Endowment Life Insurance is constructed to get a lump sum amount at the maturity of the policy or when the policy holder is no more. Direct Line Endowment offers full coverage over ones life. It offers private health insurance and over 50s Life cover for the old.

Endowment Life Insurance is an important decision for life as then you don’t have to worry for your loved ones or family members when you are not around.

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About Direct Line

Direct Line has its headquarters in Croydon and has spread across various countries like Spain, Japan, Germany and Italy. Started in 1985, it first used to sell Car Insurance over phone and internet and now has over Five million costumers.

Types of Endowment Life Insurance

With Profit Endowment: This type of insurance come with sum assured where you also get regular bonus as per the performance of the investment. The bonus which is not guaranteed is called as Terminal bonus, is paid at the end.

Unit Link Endowment: Here, The premium is invested in units, which are then cashed. This gives the policy holders an option to invest in schemes or funds and in a proportion they want.

Full Endowments: They are with profit insurance policies, thus the final pay out is higher than the sum decided at the time of signing the policy.

Low Cost Endowment: It helps those who have to pay interest for the mortgage and it ensures the future growth rate meets the target amount at maturity.

Traded endowments: They are those endowment Policies which are sold off to another individual. This way you can sell off your endowment life insurance on more than the surrender value in the market. This mainly includes with profit endowment policies. Those who sell should also look for a life cover other than this.

Endowment Life Insurance policies not only cover death or life but they also cover critical illness. They can be enchased according to the premium given and after calculating the present value.

Rival Companies

Direct Line has been in the business for more than two decade in UK. It competes with Barclays, Tesco Insurance.

Review of Direct Line Endowment Life Insurance

Although Direct Line Endowment Life Insurance has no current review on the site but it’s sure to come soon. You may go ahead and write you experience and also read reviews on other insurance policies by direct line on review link .

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