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Halifax Endowment Life Insurance

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Halifax Endowment Life Insurance

Endowment Policies are insurances contracts taken to assure life or illness cover after a said term. These terms are mostly ten, fifteen and twenty years or a specified maturity limit after which a lump sum is paid by the company.

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Since we do not know of the next moment, these policies help us to fight critical illness or death when you need urgent funds. They can also be surrendered early if the need arises and company calculates the term for which the money was kept and also the premium paid.

About Halifax Endowment Life Insurance Polices

Halifax was formed in 1853 as a benefit building and Investment Society but in 2001 it merged with Bank of Scotland. They have around 72,000 employees and have a large shareholder base in United Kingdom. Halifax provides mortgages and saving accounts and has its headquarters at Yorkshire.

Type of Endowment Policy

Endowment Policies are one of the best ways to serve you in the worst of time. There are a lot of endowment polices, namely

  • Traditional, with profit Endowments: these pay back a assured sum after the maturity and also can be increased if there are bonuses or regular premium have been paid.
  • Full Endowments: It assures a minimum sum at the death, when you start the policy and raises the level as per growth, so you get much higher return.
  • Unit-Link Endowment: The premium is invested in different units where you can decide the amount of proportion to be invested.
  • Low cost Endowment: It involves a future target income which is given on maturity or death or critical illness.
  • Traded Endowment: These are policies which are sold to other person and help you get more value for the policy if they are still kept active. The new owner will pay the premiums in the future and all the beneficial rights are transferred to him.

The endowment Policies can be surrendered anytime you are in urgent need and cannot pay the premiums. The company calculates the time and premium paid and determines the value of the same and pays it back.

Rival Companies

More and more firms are coming up with Endowment Policies these days. Halifax is in stiff competition with LICI insurance company.

Halifax Endowment Policies Reviews

Halifax Endowment Policies are one of the best In United Kingdom. The insurance sector of this financial institution has got two stars on an average. The reader’s reviews are yet to be highlighted at You can submit your review and experience with Halifax on The Halifax policies and other service reviews can be read on link .

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