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Liverpool Victoria Endowment Life Insurance

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Liverpool Victoria Endowment Life Insurance

Endowment Life insurance is a very popular type of protection cover that includes an investment element. When life is uncertain, it makes sense to protect yourself and your family just in case the worst happens. Liverpool Victoria insurance offer a popular range of endowment life insurance plans.

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They give you option for low premiums to suit your pocket or a fix a limited term for the policy. Two choices for the insurance cover are decreasing cover and level cover.

The decreasing cover will help you check on the interests of the mortgage while the level cover gives you the pre-decided figure on maturity irrespective of inflation.

About Liverpool Victoria

with its Headquarters in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, Liverpool Victoria is the oldest financial society with reliable insurance policies. Founded in the year 1843, this Company has other branches in Croydon, Brentwood, The city of London, Bristol, Leeds etc.

Types of Endowment Life Insurance

the type Of Life Insurances is:

Term life Insurance: This policy is fixed for a specified time period and the fixed amount is paid as it matures. There is no surrender value of this type of Insurance.

Whole Life Coverage: This insurance policy is for life and has fixed and annual premiums which will provide cash on maturity or death. It does not offer any flexibility over premium and charges more premium than term insurance.

Universal Life Insurance: This provides flexibility in the premium value and offers extensive coverage over life. Said to be a combination of term and Whole life insurance, the Universal life insurance has a cash value, the maturity value is more, and the premium you pay is less as it covers maximum time period of life. The cash is invested to fund the premium which in turn helps you pay less.

Endowments: this includes a cash value which is built over the period of time so that it reaches the sum assured which is the maturity value at the time of death or critical illness. The value of the insurance policies is paid back to the family or to the relative after the policy holder is no more.

Rival Companies

Liverpool Victoria Endowment Life insurance has a neck to neck competition with insurance firms like Wesleyan assurance, the cooperative insurance etc.

Liverpool Victoria Endowment Life Insurance Reviews

Liverpool Victoria life insurance has got 2 customer reviews on They have given three out of five stars to their policy. You can also go to link to look for further reviews on their different insurance products and write your experience about the endowment Life Insurance.

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