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First Direct Endowment Life Insurance

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First Direct Endowment Life Insurance

First Direct is part of HSBC, who offer a range of protection insurance products to complement their general insurance.

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When you plan to buy life insurance to protect the future, the ultimate choice is to choose First Direct endowment life insurance. The endowment life insurance provide financial or monetary benefit to the policy holder either he or she dies or alive. The term insurance policy pays the policy holder the special endowment lump-sum amount upon maturity and the beneficiaries, the sum assured as a monetary compensation to meet their financial commitments. The payment is made by First Direct endowment life insurance even if the policy holder is diagnosed with terminal illness or injury.

About First Direct endowment life insurance

First Direct is one of the group organizations of HSBC Bank, offering a wide range of financial products. Both the life and non-life insurance policies offered by First Direct are governed and regulated by HSBC Life UK Ltd. It is one of the very few insurance companies that have been rewarded with many awards.

Types of Policies:

Life insurance policies offered by First Direct other than First Direct endowment life insurance include General life cover and mortgage life cover. General life cover is again divided into two types namely term life cover and whole life cover. The life insurance protects the life of the policy holder and pays the beneficiaries, the assured sum towards compensating the loss. The monetary payment can assist the family to pay for funeral expense, education expense, maintain life style, etc. The monetary compensation is made only when the policy holder dies before the end of the specific term of term life policy and there is no such term restriction is levied on whole life cover. Mortgage life cover covers the mortgage payments and property under mortgage for which the policy holder is held responsible for payments. When the policy holder die before making the full payment to the mortgage loan, First direct pays the entire amount of debt and help the family members to retain the possession.

Rival Companies of First Direct endowment life insurance

Rival companies of First Direct endowment life insurance includes Axa endowment life insurance, Bank of Scotland endowment life cover, Prudential endowment cover, etc.

Review of First Direct endowment life insurance

First Direct endowment life insurance is yet to be reviewed or rated by the existing users or beneficiaries as there are no reviews found at link . First Direct endowment life insurance brings you the quote in less than 20 seconds of receiving your application and you can buy the endowment cover to protect your family and get a financial security for your life in less than an hour.

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