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Liberty Insurance Limited Endowment Life Insurance

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Liberty Insurance Limited Endowment Life Insurance

An endowment life insurance is a coverage offered by few insurance companies and it is a unique policy that offer life insurance cover and at the same times a savings policy. This policy is given a stipulated amount of time with a minimum of ten years and can last up to fifteen or twenty years. At Liberty insurance company, you can now get a huge lump of money at the end of the maturity period of your life insurance policy or incase of death, your family will get the predetermined profit as savings.

This life insurance contract can also be used to pay fro specified needs like mortgages or terminal illness. You will receive the benefits in cash at the end of the policy term if no specific usage was dedicated to the money.

The best thing is that you will not only receive the endowment profits but you will also get full bonuses and premiums gained during the insurance term. However, on maturity, the only amount payable is the sum assured and the terminal bonuses. The life insurance coverage will still go on to cater for your loved ones as quoted.

The advantage of the endowment policy at Liberty insurance company is that it will be providing you with financial security in terms of insurance and at the same time help you build your savings. Similarly, you will gain your savings with bonuses and get a chance to choose the terms of your policy when it matures. Other than that, when you get endowment insurance from Liberty, you can always gain surrender values, paid up values and also loan values. This means you are in a position to take a loan against the endowment policy.

The endowment policy from liberty is extremely flexible in that the policy can be chosen to meet your current or future needs anytime. However, this policy will only provide protection for a specified time unlike a whole life insurance policy where you are protected till you die. The premiums too might be a bit higher than ones found in whole insurance policies. Another drawback that comes with endowment policy over term or whole insurance is that it does not have renewability or an option to convert the terms. Once you take the insurance policy, you can not alter the terms no matter what until the stipulated time is up. However, it is a good option for the young who want to cover for their family and at the same time save some amount for use in old age incase they do not face death before the stipulated time period.

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