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Royal Liver Endowment Life Insurance

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Royal Liver Endowment Life Insurance

Royal Liver are famous for offering excellent endowment life insurance plans. They compbine the benefits of life cover with an investment element. Find your best quote with the form on the right.

An endowment insurance policy is nothing less than a friendly hand that provides the needy a fixed sum of amount in need of situation to secure the financial future of the loved ones and family members of the insurer. This policy provided by Royal Liver assures the beneficiary a cover that would help them to pay up loan repayments, any money for medical treatments or in case of the death of the insurer.

The insurer has also an added benefit of buying such an endowment policy through Royal Liver because they even provide a surety of fixed time period chosen entirely based on the comfort level of their customer.

About Royal Liver Endowment Life Insurance

The firm originally registered by name Royal Liver Assurance was established 1850 as a friendly society with over 1.7 million customers in Ireland and the UK. The group was established by a handful working men with an objective to "provide for the decent interment of deceased members".

Much later towards the end of the 1890s, a decision to setup a new building for royal liver was taken that was implemented and a exquisite office building opened on 19 July 1911. Accounting till date the organization has registered a number of about 900 employees, efficiently managing funds of around 3.4 million along with handling and providing financial services to over 1.7 million customers.

Types of Endowment Insurances

The organization offers an array of endowment life insurance policies that can be tailored easily suiting the comfort, affordability and requirement of their policyholder.

Low cost Endowment Insurance:

a policy that would require payment of minimal amount of premiums from the insurer in return to provide a hefty benefit by the end of the policy term or at the point of surrendering the policy.

Rival Companies

With its on growing appraisal amidst contenders like RBS and Aviva, Royal Liver has managed to uphold a reputable stand across UK financial Market.

Review of Royal Liver Endowment Life Insurance

The policy successfully received a review of 2/5. And individuals having queries regarding posts, comments and experience of policy holders can easily access below given link, review link.

40% Off Endowment Cover

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