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Royal London Endowment Life Insurance

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Royal London Endowment Life Insurance

Royal London offer a range of term life insurance, whole of life insurance and endowment life insurance. There endowment life insurance plans are considered some of the best on the market.

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Endowment Life insurance assures you a sum over the life cover after a fixed term. The life insurance cover is somewhat critical for life of family members and the policy holder too. Royal London Insurance gives you flexible options to cover your health and life. It offers life cover, mortgage protection, level term assurance, life with critical illness, income protection and un-employment cover. Endowment with profit helps many to gain profit over the fixed sum which is advantageous for the family when the policy holder is no more.

About Royal London Endowment Life insurance

Royal London is a mutual insurer which has been serving for last 150 years. With its registered office at Gracechurch Street, London, this organization has worked to simplify the financial needs of individuals all across the world. It is regulated and authorized by financial service authority.

Types of Life insurance

Endowment Life insurance involves

Unit Linked plans: This plan provides premium to be invested in units or funds. These units are cashed to cover the cost of life insurance. This gives the policy takers to take their own decisions and chose funds and the amount to be invested in particular fund.

Full Endowments: This policy has the sum assured which will be given at the time of death but the growth over time adds up to a bigger amount at the final pay.

With Profit endowments: This involves addition of periodic or annual bonuses to the sum assured at the time of taking the policy. You may get regular bonuses or the terminal bonus. If you surrender the endowment when the market is not great, the market value is adjusted or reduced.

Low cost endowment: this meets the growth of the market to assure the sum fixed for the maturity. The main purpose of this type of endowment is mortgage endowment to pay off interest only mortgage.

Flexi Endowment: The policy is a term policy but this also has an option to cash in the same after 10 years of the term without any penalty. This is suitable for school fees planning.

Rival Companies

the tough competitors of Royal London mutual insurance society are Aviva plc, prudential plc and legal and general plc.

Review of Royal London Endowment Life insurance

the old financial firm, which provides life assurance and pensions, is the member of association of British insurers. The royal London endowment life insurance reviews are slowly coming up at link. You can write your experience and share you review on the endowment life insurance and read about other products from Royal London endowment on < href=””>review link .

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