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Standard Chartered Endowment Life Insurance

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Standard Chartered Endowment Life Insurance

Standard Chartered are known for offering an excellent range of endowment life insurance plans. You get all the benefits of term assurance whilst having an investment maturing over the term of the policy.

if you have already done with your life insurance, you must be relaxed for the future. Endowment policies are life insurance with fixed sum assured at the time of maturity. They help an individual to fix a term for the policy to remain active and also take regular bonus or the terminal bonus if it’s a with profit endowment. Standard chartered cover critical illness, accidents and hospital cash benefit giving the policy holders a lot of benefits for the belief they have in this financial institution.

About Standard Chartered Endowment Life insurance

A universal bank with its headquarters in London, it operates in seventy countries worldwide and has a network of 1700 branches including subsidiaries, associates. It employs around 80,000 people under them and works in corporate, consumer and commercial banking sectors.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Insurance Policy: it covers risk and the sum assured on the policy is given when the person dies in the period of the policy. The reason why most people go for these policies because they are low cost and the only way your family will not get the insurance amount is only if you die after the term finishes. In case of death, your family benefits from the sum given by the insurance firm.

Whole Life policy: The whole life policy remains active till death. There is no fixed term but the premium is not low but moderately charged.

Endowment Policies: It assures a sum after the maturity of the insurance. You can go for with profit endowments or unit link endowments which give you option to choose the funds in which you want to invest. The money to be invested is also done by your consent; this allows all the bonus or profit to be added to your sum assured at the time of maturity.

money back policy: This is done when the policy holder needs money for his personal life for education, marriage. A portion of sum assured is payable at regular intervals or on the survival of the policy holder.

Rival Companies

Standard Chartered has its rival in HSBC Bank across the United Kingdom.

Review of Standard Chartered Endowment Life insurance

the review on Standard Chartered Endowment Life insurance is slowly catching up on link. Though, you may go ahead and write your review and experience on link and let the world know about your opinion on their insurance product. You can also read customer reviews on other insurances provided by Standard chartered on the same portal.

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