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Woolwich Endowment Life Insurance

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Woolwich Endowment Life Insurance

Woolwich, which is now part of Barclays, offer some of the lowest priced insurance plans. They offer a wide range of life insurance plans including endowment life insurance that combines traditional term assurance with an investment plan.

Life insurance can be the biggest decision you have taken so far. Woolwich endowment Life insurance covers Critical illness, whole life cover, Term assurance, Decreasing plans, and level term assurance. Life insurance not only keeps you secure but your family does not suffer from mortgages or the expenses after you die. Endowment Policies assure you a fixed some over maturity with fixed premium values over a fixed term.

Some Unit link Endowments also offer profit over the premium fixed.

About Woolwich Endowment Life Insurance

Woolwich turned into a banking society in 1997. It is now the leading financial institution in United Kingdom with its assets over 30 billion Euros. It is listed In the London Stock Exchange and has over 6000 employees working for them.

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance includes Permanent Life insurance which is a life insurance contract which remains active until the policy matures. It builds cash value over the time which further reduces risk over the insurance company. The different types of permanent Life insurance include whole life insurance, Universal life insurance and Limited pay and endowments.

The whole life insurance may not suit everyone but the company keeps up the cash value and gives the benefits to the policy holder or his relatives on death. The dividend over the insurance policy usually helps in increasing the benefit cover on maturity.

The Term assurance covers life for a specified period of time and is considered the true insurance policy as the premium you pay gets you the protection against life. The amount assured on maturity can remain fixed or decline, while the amount of premium can increase or stay at level. These are further divided into level insurance, renewable insurance (annually), and mortgage insurance. The mortgage policy helps you further help you and your family with the mortgage value covers over your residence. The face value intends to equal or near to the mortgage amount.

Rival Companies

Woolwich Endowment Life insurance is one of the leading banks in Kent, United Kingdom. It has its rival in Aviva Life insurance, Friends Provident Insurance among others.

Review of Woolwich Endowment Life Insurance

there are no reviews on on Woolwich endowment life insurance at present. But they are slowly catching up. You can write your experience and read reviews on other products of the Woolwich insurance company on link. Woolwich Financial institution also provides mortgage, savings account and Current Accounts.

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