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CIS Endowment Life Insurance

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CIS Endowment Life Insurance

CIS Endowment Life Insurance is a term life insurance offering the benefit of lump sum cash settlement upon death of policy holder or maturity of the policy, whichever happens earlier. The endowment cover is similar to a typical life cover with additional benefit of offering a huge sum of money even if the policy holder is alive.

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In either case, payouts from CIS Endowment Life Insurance assist either the policy holder directly or the family members of the deceased policy holder in terms of financial support

About CIS Endowment Life Insurance

CIS stands for Co-Operative Insurance Society Limited. It is now called as Co-operative Insurance and Co-operative Investments. CIS offers a wide range of financial products and solution. From banking service, investment plans to credit cars; it offers life and health insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, home insurance, etc at affordable price.

Types of Policies:

Being a part of life insurance, other types of life cover offered by CIS include level term assurance, decreasing level term assurance, and whole life insurance. CIS level term assurance is offered for a specific number of years and the payouts are made when the policy holder dies before expiry of the term of the policy. Policy holder or the beneficiaries are not entitled to receive the assured sum if the policy holder lives after the end of policy. Decreasing level term assurance is similar to the level term assurance except with the condition that the sum assured tend to get decreased over the term of the policy. It pays a lump sum amount on death of policy holder before the end of policy. Whole life insurance covers the entire life of the policy holder and pays a lump sum amount on death. There is no specific limitation with respect to number of years, term or tenure and the policy assures the payment.

Rival Companies of CIS Endowment Life Insurance

Competing companies of CIS Endowment Life Insurance include Halifax Endowment Life Insurance, Vivid Endowment Life Insurance, Good Fellows Endowment Life Insurance, etc.

Review of CIS Endowment Life Insurance

If you want to secure the future of your family against financial contingencies or enjoy the benefit of receiving a good sum of money after specific number of years, choose CIS Endowment Life Insurance. A lump-sum payment is assured either if the policy holder is dead or alive. There are no reviews posted by users at review . Be first you rate CIS Endowment Life Insurance.

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