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Gresham Insurance Endowment Life Insurance

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Gresham Insurance Endowment Life Insurance

Gresham Insurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance provides the beneficiary a lump sum in the event the death. The determining factor when should the money be given is the maturity date of the policy. This maturity date can be set in intervals of 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years. The policy offers an option of payout before it reaches its maturity date when the policyholder experiences a critical illness.

Another flexibility of the policy is that it can be cashed out if the policy has not yet reached its maturity date. The surrender value the insured gets will be made by your insurance provider. The most two important factors are the amount of time and the premium you paid to determine the value.

Why Choose Endowment policy?

Endowment policy is ideal for those looking for support if someone dies unexpectedly who was the only earner of the family. It provides the source of financial ways to support life’s needs. This will ensure financial security for your family when you are no longer around to support their needs.

Available Types of Endowment Life Insurance

See what types of insurance might suit you and your needs.

Unit-Linked Endowment

The principle of this policy is that the premium payments go to the units of an insurance fund that is not in use. It allows you to choose how much of the payments go to different units.

Profits Endowment

This type offers the convenience of receiving a guaranteed amount of payout that can be increased with regular time intervals such as annual, quarterly, monthly, etc. When the policy reached at its maturity, a guaranteed amount will be received with the possibility of being given a terminal bonus to be paid upon maturity of the policy.

Full Endowment

The Full Endowment is very similar to Profits Endowment, but the only difference is such a policy will give you a higher amount of profits.

The difference between endowment policy and others

The advantage of endowment policy is its feature that guarantees both the insured and the beneficiary to receive the money not only when the policy reaches maturity, but also when the insured died. Furthermore, this policy offers an element of saving money that enables earn money in time.

Gresham Insurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance offers so many options to choose from. Chances are that you will be able to make the best deal with this insurer. However, it is highly advisable that first know your needs before choosing the right coverage that is worth your money. Why not speak to an experienced professional that can help make you choose the right life insurance policy to best suit your needs?

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