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Highway Insurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance

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Highway Insurance Company Limited Endowment Life Insurance

Highway Insurance Company limited endowment life insurance makes your life secure. Founded in 2000, the company holds office in Brentwood, UK is an FSA regulated insurance, which guarantees motor insurance. It is a supplementary of Highway Insurance Group Plc. and one of the most lucrative motor insurers in UK. As of 2005, there are around 600,000 customers with a total premium earning of £265m.

The policy offers the holder to receive a lump sum upon its maturity or on his sudden death. The maturity period ranges from 10-20 years without exceeding a specific age limit. Premium payments are paid starting from the date the policy was issued until the maturity date. You can also opt to make a lump sum payment or go for shorter years of payment.

Endowment life insurance is a form of saving and provides financial security to beneficiaries in time of holder’s death. As the lifestyle, family structure, and needs changes, future priorities also change accordingly.

The endowment life insurance is not similar like many other types of investment. The risk of fluctuations is something that greatly influences on any investment plan. When most investment plans do not have any liability to take the risk on the amount you invested, such an endowment insurance policy works like a charm! To ease the pain for your investment risks due to fluctuations, the insurance company will take all sorts liabilities for you. They will keep you out from risks the market can offer. Just analyse your needs and personality before obtaining the type of life insurance.

Endowment life insurance comes with guaranteed interest rates from the accumulated earnings throughout the period the money is invested as well as it also comes with an insurance that provides financial security to the holder when the maturity of the policy is reached or in case of death, the beneficiaries receive the payout. Upon maturity of the contract, you could choose to get a lump sum or periodic payments.

Based on the insurance company’s data, about 60 % of the policyholders choose the risk of accidental death while 80% choose the risk of serious illnesses, but all endowment insurance policy holders take out accident risk insurance. In all of these contract terms, policy holders can modify their contracts to add or reduce the risks, have the amount of insurance increased or decreased as well as modified the period of the contract term.

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