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Lloyds Serious Illness Cover

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Lloyds Serious Illness Cover

Normal life cover pays the family a lump-sum settlement when you die. Critical illness life cover is an additional cover offered to the policy holder that protects the family and the financial requirements when the policy holder develops any critical illness. If you are looking for such critical illness cover to protect the finances and family, the ultimate choice is to resort to Lloyds serious illness cover.

This serious illness covers offer a list of critical illnesses to be covered in the life cover and when the policy holder is diagnosed with any of the illness, for instance, cardiac problems, Lloyds serious illness cover assures the guaranteed payment.

About LloydsSerious Life Insurance

Lloyds insurance policies are regulated by Lloyds TSB group, one of the companies of the Lloyds banking group. Lloyds Banking group is the largest retail financial entity of the United Kingdom. The ultimate goal of the Lloyds group is to offer contemporary, purposeful and affordable financial services to the people.

Types of Policies:

Lloyds life insurance policies assures the payment of lump-sum settlement to the policy holder upon death or other condition mentioned thereof in the specific kind of additional cover. Other types of life insurance policies offered by Lloyds include income protection cover, whole life cover, and term life cover. Income protection cover provides a monthly income to the policy holder when the policy holder loses the employment due to accident, illness or termination due to any involuntary act. Whole life cover protects the life of the policy holder until death irrespective of the age of death and pays the monetary compensation to the beneficiaries. It lasts until the life of the policy holder. Term life cover is a typical life insurance cover that protects the life of the policy holder for a specific term and if the policy holder dies before end of the tenure, the sum assured is paid to the policy holder’s beneficiaries.

Rival Companies of Lloyds Serious Life Insurance

Lloyds Serious Life Insurance has a few competitors in the insurance market of the UK and include Halifax serious life cover, Pinnacle serious life insurance, Santander critical illness insurance, e tc.

Review of LloydsSerious Life Insurance

LloydsSerious Life Insurance protects the life and sudden development or diagnosis of critical illness of the policy holder and assures the lump sum payment, which subsequently turn out to be a greater financial support for the entire family of the policy holder. You can check out for the reviews about LloydsSerious Life Insurance at LloydsSerious Life Insurance.

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