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Privilege Endowment Life Insurance

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Privilege Endowment Life Insurance

If you are looking forward to secure your family with any investment or savings plan, you can afford to the same by including the life cover through Privilege Endowment Life Insurance.

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The term life cover protects assures the payment of lump sum amount with or without bonuses and profits upon maturity of the policy or upon death of the policy holder, whichever is earlier. It also acts as a savings or investment plan that fetches the policy holder the cash payout upon maturity.

About Privilege Endowment Life Insurance

Privilege is one of subsidiaries of the largest financial organization, the Royal Bank of Scotland. It is one of the popular insurance companies that sell the insurance policies online and over phone calls. From 1994, the year of introduction to 2004, it has focused only on offering car insurance policies and has extended the operations to other kinds of insurance.

Types of Policies:

Other types of policies offered by Privilege include car insurance, home insurance and breakdown cover. Being one of the preferred choices of car insurance company, Privilege car insurance is covers number of benefits at affordable premium. It covers the damages and repaid caused due to natural calamities, manmade calamities, accidents, theft, etc and also offer third party liability. Premium payouts are offered with additional offers like premium waiver, no claim bonus, etc. Home Insurance from privilege can be classified into building insurance and building and content insurance. It covers the damages to the buildings and pays the cost of renovation or reconstruction. Similarly, it also covers the consents and valuable possessions of home and compensates the damage occurred. Breakdown cover includes the repairs and replacements of car at dedicated workshops with free of cost that covers all types of repairs. Personal accident cover is also extended with breakdown cover.

Rival Companies of Privilege Endowment Life Insurance

Competing companies of Privilege Endowment Life Insurance include Bupa Endowment Life Insurance, standard Life Endowment Life Insurance, Admiral Endowment Life Insurance, etc.

Review of Privilege Endowment Life Insurance

When you check the Privilege Endowment Life Insurance, there are no reviews posted by users and Privilege Endowment Life Insurance is yet to be rated. However, it is one of the ideal choices of insurance cum savings cover that guarantees the lump sum payment, which obviously facilitate towards good earnings for future.

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