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RSA Endowment Life Insurance

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RSA Endowment Life Insurance

RSA endowment life insurance is one of the best endowment covers available in the UK. It is offered as a term life cover, where the actual term or tenure of insurance can be decided by the policy holder.

The endowment cover protects the life of the policy holder and pays the assured sum of money on his or her death, which is highly beneficial to the family, who can use the lump sum payment for funeral expenses, cost of education, maintain lifestyle, etc. Similarly, when the policy is matured, the policy holder is directly benefitted with a lump sum payment as endowment cover.

About RSA endowment life insurance

Royal Sun Alliance is shortly termed as RSA and RSA group is the second largest insurance provider in the United Kingdom. RSA is the merger of the Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance, operating with the history of more than 300 years. It serves several countries across the globe and running successfully with more than 20 million customers.

Types of Policies:

There are four different types of life insurance policies offered by RSA and they are as follows. RSA term life insurance is offered with life cover for a fixed term against fixed amount of premium. When the policy holder dies during the policy tenure, which can be decided by the policy holder, the beneficiaries are paid a lump sum amount which can be utilized to maintain the lifestyle or other financial needs. RSA critical illness cover is extended with life cover. The critical illness life cover pays the policy holder to meet the medical expenses incurred to treat the critical condition and the beneficiaries are paid the assured sum of money upon death of policy holder. RSA life cover is also extended with mortgage protection and income protection which is highly beneficial as it covers the life along with income and mortgage dues.

Rival Companies of RSA endowment life insurance

RSA endowment life insurance has a few competitors in the UKs insurance world and include Phoenix endowment life insurance, Bank of Scotland endowment cover, prudential endowment cover, etc.

Review of RSA endowment life insurance

RSA or Royal Sun Alliance endowment life insurance is a category of life insurance cover and has no reviews and feedback posted by the users. Being an exclusive insurance company offering the services for more than 300 years, it is one of the best endowment cover to obtain. For more information about the endowment cover, check the official website.

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