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Saga Serious Illness Cover

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Saga Serious Illness Cover

When you plan to buy life insurance over to protect your family with a kind of security, you need to consider choosing life cover with critical illness cover. Saga Serious Illness Cover covers the life of the policy holder along with assured payment, when the policy holder is diagnosed with serious illness.

Saga Serious Illness Cover includes the list of 30 critical health conditions covered by the policy. The policy holder is also offered the additional benefit of child cover, free of additional cost. When the policy holder is diagnosed with critical illness, he or she can also opt for monthly payment until recovered.

About Saga Serious Illness Cover

Saga is one of the leading financial service providers of the UK offering affordable solutions for finance and other needs of the people. Saga insurance has been developed with the ultimate aim to serve the needs of the elderly people by offering cost effective and affordable savings and insurance plans. Saga insurance provides a wide range of beneficial insurance policies ranging from life insurance to pet insurance.

Types of Policies:

The other types of life insurance policies offered by Saga include Level term mortgage life insurance, decreasing term mortgage life insurance, and over 50 life insurance. Mortgage life insurance is classified as level term mortgage and decreasing term mortgage protection. The mortgage debt held liable by the policy holder is covered by the policy and when the policy holder dies before making full payment or diagnosed with terminal illness, the outstanding mortgage debt is paid by the insurance. Level term mortgage protection covers a fixed amount of debt for a fixed number of years and a lump sum payment is made on death or terminal illness. Decreasing term mortgage protection covers the outstanding amount of mortgage debt and the amount of coverage tends to decrease with the reduction in the mortgage debt. Over 50 life insurance is a whole life cover offered for the people falling in the group of 50 years and above. The loved ones are guaranteed with assured payouts on death of policy holder.

Rival Companies of Saga Serious Illness Cover

Rival companies of Saga serious illness cover include Halifax critical illness cover, Bupa serious illness cover, pinnacle critical illness cover, royal liver critical illness cover, etc.

Review of Saga Serious Illness Cover

Saga Serious Illness Cover has no ratings and reviews posted by users at Saga Serious Illness Cover . Saga Serious Illness Cover is one of the ideal choice of life protection product that pays the policy holder a lump sum amount immediately when the policy holder is diagnosed with any serious illness.

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