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Sainsbury's Endowment Life Insurance

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Sainsbury's Endowment Life Insurance

Endowment plans are a better choice for insurance as it also offers investment and bonuses. The endowment Life insurance includes little risk and more profit as the lump sum is targeted from the annul investments. And since the premium amount is low, most go for endowment plans.

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Sainsbury’s offer various insurance and covers death, critical illness and house which also includes accident cover and mortgage term insurance.

About Sainsbury’s Endowment Life Insurance

Sainsbury’s is a public limited bank having its headquarters in London. It is an equal sharing between Bank of Scotland and Sainsbury’s and was launched in the year 1997. It has around 1.5 million customers and offers Credit cards, loans, insurance, savings and other financial products. In the insurance sector, Sainsbury’s offer car insurance, life insurance, Critical illness cover, Over 50 Life Insurance and Landlord Insurance.

Types of Insurance

Life Insurance: these plan cover mortgage, death, and accident if the policy holder dies before the term of the policy expires. The life insurance provides a lump sum payment to the family or the beneficiary who helps in repaying loan, expenditures or sustaining life after the policy holder is not alive.

Home Insurance: Home insurance protects house against any natural calamity, disaster, theft or fire. By paying a little more you can also protect your personal goods and belongings.

Car Insurance: car insurance covers include theft or accidental damage to the car.

Critical illness cover: Critical illness cover includes list of diseases which the policy covers. It also includes cash back on listed hospitals and the insurance firm pays the doctors fee. Critical illness cover pays the family a lump sum when the policy holder is diagnosed with a serious ailment like cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.

Over 50 fixed Life Insurance: This covers older adults despite an underlying disease condition and pays out in the vent of death or if the individual falls sick. Beneficial for people who want a health and life insurance as they get old, it also covers critical illness and hospital expenses.

The other types of Insurance offered By Sainsbury’s are Pet insurance, Travel Insurance, and Landlord insurance.

Rival Companies

Sainsbury’s competes with Axa Endowment plans and nationwide endowment life insurance.

Review of Sainsbury’s Endowment Life Insurance

You may not be able find Sainsbury’s Endowment Insurance Reviews on but You can read reviews about other Sainsbury’s product and write comments and your experience on its endowment plan on link.

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