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Zurich Serious Illness Cover

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Zurich Serious Illness Cover

Zurich Serious Illness Cover is a protective life insurance policy that helps the policy holder and the beloved family members to get rid of additional financial burden, when the policy holder is diagnosed with critical illness or any serious health condition. Immediately on diagnosed with any of the critical health condition, the policy holder is paid with a lump sum amount as a financial security and support.

The most distressing condition would be dealing with financial crisis when the major earner of the family is diagnosed with critical condition. However, Zurich Serious Illness Cover help the insurers to overcome the financial crisis.

About Zurich Serious Illness Cover

Zurich has a strong base as one of the most popular and greatly preferred insurance company in the United Kingdom and North America. It has a successful functional history of around 135 years and now extending the services at several countries across the globe with more than 60000 employees. Zurich offers a wide range of insurance products as a choice of protective cover as well as good source of investment.

Types of Policies:

Zurich Serious Illness Cover guarantees the payment of the sum assured when the policy holder is diagnosed with or develops any of the critical health condition mentioned in the list of serious health conditions covered. Alternatively, until the recovery of policy holder, when the policy holder is under treatment, for instance, bye-pass surgery, cancer treatment, a monthly payment can be obtained as a regular income until recover. Various types of life insurance policies offered by Zurich include whole life insurance, mortgage life insurance and over 50 life insurance. Whole life cover is offered without any specific limitation on policy term and tenure and is valid until the death of the policy holder. When the policy holder dies, the family members are paid the lump sum amount as monetary compensation. Over 50 life cover is similar to a whole life cover, except the condition that it is offered only for elderly people.

Rival Companies of Zurich Serious Illness Cover

Some of the competing companies of Zurich Joint Serious illness cover includes Halifax joint serious illness cover, co-operative joint serious illness cover, Good Fellows joint serious illness cover, etc.

Review of Zurich Serious Illness Cover

Zurich Serious Illness Cover is yet to have reviews posted by users and beneficiaries at Zurich Serious Illness Cover . There are no user ratings also. However, the insurance company with great customer base and longer history of successful service, assures the guaranteed payment on Zurich Serious Illness Cover.

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