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Ageas Death Insurance

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Ageas Death Insurance

Death Insurance is another term for life insurance, in which life of a person is insured for a certain amount. This is paid in lump sum if the person dies and the family gets a security when the insurer is no longer with them. Ageas also offers accidental death and critical illness cover.

The terminal illness policy covers expenses till the end of the policy while the critical illness covers 42 illnesses and also offers to insure your children for 50% of the insurance value.

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About Ageas

the root Of Foundation of Ageas dates back to 1824, but it came into existence in the Year 1990. With headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Utrecht and Netherlands and 11,700 employees, this firm works in fourteen countries worldwide and provides insurance products including vehicle and travel insurance.

Types of Insurance

Whole Term Insurance: Whole Life Insurance covers full term until death. The premium here is higher than any other life insurance policy and pays a lump sum in the vent of death. The inflexibility of higher premium and uncompetitive internal rate of interest is not attractive to some but as this insurance policy pays dividends over the time, it can be substantially useful for some to go for higher premium policies.

Term Life Insurance: Term insurance policy covers only if death occurs before the specified term expires. In these, low premiums favor long term budgeting and these can also be renewed as and when required. In this, the premium you pay ads up to the lump sum you will be paid when you are no longer alive.

Universal Life Insurance: It further includes Guaranteed Death Insurance; Variable universal Life and Equity indexed Universal life Insurance. The Premium and Death benefit are flexible and its inclusion of cash value helps in attaining money and higher rate of Interest.

You can add Accidental cover and critical illness cover in life insurance policy so that in case of uncertain disability, illness or terminal illness the medical cost, doctors fee and hospital expenses burden is not on your family.

Rival Companies

with so many Insurance providers around, Ageas competes with Aegon Death Insurance and Legal and General Death Insurance.

Review of Ageas Death Insurance

Ageas Death Insurance currently does not have a review on Ageas Death Insurance. Although a lot of reviews are expected to come soon despite many other competitors providing the same type of insurance product. You can write your comments on this Ageas product and read posts on death insurance offered any other companies.

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