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Endowment Life Insurance

If you are looking for support in case someone will pass on then the Endowment policy is the appropriate choice particularly if you want that your family will still remain financially independent. This policy should be considered by every family, because the endowment will provide for the security that there will be the possibility to pay for life’s basic needs after the person insured will no longer be able to provide for his family.

Endowment insurance, also known as endowment life policy or endowment policy, is a kind of contract that guarantees a permanent sum of money also called “face amount” or “death benefit” that the client or the beneficiaries will get at the end of the specified contract period, whether he/she lives until the maturity of the policy or dies sooner. At the end of the insured period the client will receive the benefit of the insurance policy which is the amount paid at death unless he/she died earlier. The endowment policy is different from other insurance types because it guarantees that either you or your beneficiaries will receive the sum of money not just if you live until the policy matures, but even if something happens to you that would cause your death.

This is similar to whole life insurance, except if used before the endowment period, the life insurance ends and the face value becomes a living benefit. An endowment policy is actually a combination of protection and savings.Alternative to Endowment Life Insurance is the whole life or term life insurance.

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The main benefit of an Endowment life insurance is that it can easily be used for personal needs, as a replacement income, because it can give your family a guaranteed source of money to pay the bills and dues that won’t stop coming in case of your early death. You could also use it for business needs like using it for operational capital even if the key person dies. Furthermore, if you live past the term set in the contract, you can use it as retirement income, which can be very helpful as well. The main reason to get an endowment policy is that you can feel safe and relaxed that even if you are no longer around, your family will be able to go on without collapsing financially. This is the main benefit of choosing this kind of policy.

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The main drawback of an Endowment Life Insurance is that it has more expensive annual premiums than whole life or term life insurance. Another problem with this is that the program used to be a kind of tax dodge but the Tax Reform Act of 1984 changed that, so many of the tax benefits are lost.It is advisable that before purchasing an endowment, you must compare rates between companies, assess it against other savings plans and ask suggestions from your tax accountant.

Remember to leave reviews on review websites if you have any experience of buying endowment life insurance.

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