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Guardian Assurance Endowment Life Insurance

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Guardian Assurance Endowment Life Insurance

Guardian Assurance Limited Endowment Life Insurance to get is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It also offers you a savings element allowing the cash value to grow in time. This is because you can use the money during your retirement. In addition to this, if you die before the term you had agreed with the insurance company, the company will pay the money to your family members and the family members will have a good life despite your absence. Your family members will take care of bills using the money they receive from the insurance company. Some of the bills that can be offset using the money include health insurance, rent, mortgage, car loan, and college tuition.

Guardian Assurance Limited offers a wide range of insurance policies to choose from. In addition to the traditional life insurance, the company also offers other insurance options. This policy provides the survivors with a 5% benefit for a period of five years in order to protect them from inflation. There is also the Guardian LifeAssit policy. The policy aids in assisting employees that may be suffering from catastrophic or severe disability.

Another policy is the accidental death and dismemberment cover that provides financial support to people suffering from accidental injuries.

Death benefit options

Choose and change the death benefit choice that will match your changing insurance plan.

Level death benefit

Here you benefit from the specified face amount only.

Increasing death benefit

In addition to the face amount, you also benefit from the policy accumulation value.

Return of premium death benefit

Here you benefit from both the face amount and the cumulative pay out. In addition to having the benefit of choosing the option, both universal and the variable universal policies allow you to add a range of riders. Some of the riders that you can add include cash value enhancement, monthly deduction waiver, waiver of a particular amount, accidental death benefit, death benefit, accelerated advantage among many others. Although, the waivers are of benefit to you, you should note that they might result in you incurring additional costs.

Endowments usually require you to pay more monthly premiums than the life or term life insurance policies. The good side is that the premium you pay depends on the amount you would want to be paid. Therefore, if you want to be paid small amounts, you pay just small amounts of premium.

Choosing the best Life Insurance plan at Guardian Assurance Limited Endowment may be worth. Speak to a professional to find the most suitable option today.

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