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Lucida Endowment Life Insurance

Recently, the insurance powerhouse Lucida made another statement in the British insurance market, after the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund reached a 500 million pound buying agreement with them.

What this means is that the MNOPF bought themselves a place in Lucida with 500 million pounds, and as a result of that, around 22.000 pensioners will be covered from the old scheme and the policy itself will be made an asset class within the pension fund itself.

This is a big deal in the insurance and pension markets, and such a merge can be done not only when you have the required amount of funds, but when you know that both the companies will have the backbone to handle it.

The fact that Lucida went through with it and closed the deal, suggests that it is both a strong and an important name amongst the elite of insurance companies.

Life insurance offered by Lucida

This is one of those things where you can plainly see that no matter how much a company has grown and no matter what level it is at right now, they did not forget where they started.

Believe it or not, the life insurance plans and the packages that come with them are flexible, affordable and customizable enough to suit the needs of even the most difficult of policyholders.

The quotations received are on the positive side and the sheer size of the company combined with the assets that it controls as well as the investments that they take care of on the stock market indicate the fact that security and trust is a big deal of what they do.

Why Lucida?

I can agree with the jokes regarding the name, but seriously now, look at it. You don’t get to be a company like Lucida by scamming and ripping people off, but by caring and making sure that you build a name for yourself through the services and products that you provide.

Indeed, getting there is not easy, and each and every insurance representative will tell you that. It’s a hard process to go through, and at the end of it all, only the strongest, safest, securest and most talented manage to grow, while the others dissolve into the nothingness that is bankruptcy.

Lucida did not rely on luck, they did not take things for granted and they certainly never let their guard down.

With careful investments, playing it safe and controlled actions, the managed to climb the ladder slowly but surely, upping the ante, increasing the investment sums as well as their coverage with each passing step.

Today they are Britain’s leading insurance company and a real authority when it comes to insurance and endowments.


You are free to pick any single insurance company that you want, however take into consideration that each and every one of them go through a tough process and only the great survive it. So if you are angling for a safe and secure future, a life insurance policy signed with Lucida is the way to go.

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